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The Promat Experience and you

At Promat we make no apologies for being the best at what we do. We are better because we are different. We deliver the quality you demand at a price you wish to pay, meeting project deadlines at locations of your choice time and time again. These features, we believe, are unique to Promat and cannot be found in competing products or substitutes.

Our Values

  • INTEGRITY – We recognise that we are dealing with customers and processes which must be seen to possess impeccable integrity. We will never compromise that integrity.
  • SECURITY – Promat works extensively with customers who adhere to the Government Protected Marking Scheme (GPMS) ISO 17799 standards and INFOSEC guidelines. We therefore pledge product compliance with these standards. We also aim to exceed these standards wherever possible.
  • LEGALITY – Promat is a provider which also, at all times, pledges compliance with relevant legislation, Whether this be the codes of practice contained in the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, Data protection Legislation or the Human Rights Act, we unequivocally accept both the spirit and the letter of the law.
  • PEOPLE – Both from a business perspective and as a first-class employer, we value input from our staff, customers and suppliers alike. People spark innovation and we respect all contributions of whatever class, race, gender, religion, age or ability. Our business has been recognised for these efforts winning a coveted Investors in People award.

Our support desk is free of charge to all users, and our support team will be able to remote connect to your Promat system to aid in troubleshooting. We have an enviable reputation for great, concise and fast product support. Our support team is managed by our sister company evolve software: by our support company Evolve Software Click to visit Evolve Software

Benefits of using Promat Video Identification

  • Specially designed for police investigations.
  • Low installation cost and low operating cost.
  • A managed, very large and comprehensive database of volunteers currently 40,000 strong with the intention to grow this to 60,000 by 2015.
  • High quality "live" video images.
  • Huge efficiency savings.
  • Can operate on a fixed or mobile location
  • Covert identification parades can also be prepared from video footage or from still custody record photographs.
  • Easy to use masking software to allow you to remove scars, tattoo's etc. from video
  • Show the ID Parade at the witness's own convenience in a more relaxed, stress-free environment.
  • Parades can be viewed either in custody or can be taken to the witness wherever they are.
  • A cost effective certified training programme is in place to ensure good consistent operation of the system.
  • Product lifetime support.
  • Complete integrity of the system, meaning less evidential challenge.
  • Ability to show an ID Parade while the suspect is still in custody.
  • Very fast turnaround (15 minutes, typically, to conduct a parade).
  • FIPS approved encryption standard used for data security.
  • Bureaux service available for difficult to produce parades.
  • Built in Statistical Analysis system.
  • A dedicated support department to handle any queries you have.
  • Free lifetime updates for all the Promat product range

How does Promat deliver direct operational benefits?

Our long association with policing and law enforcement has enriched our understanding of the onerous demands placed upon them by society. The Promat experience operates within a framework of understanding surrounding the government’s key priorities and a need for forces to demonstrate BEST VALUE.


Previously, identification procedures had many detractors, and history is replete with examples of judicial review, criticism and case law, surrounding what we viewed as flawed procedures. Now contrast this with the Promat experience. We congratulate our customers on rolling out a process which can only enhance their reputation in the eyes of criminal justice stakeholders.


Past identification parades were a long way from being fit for purpose. A high failure rate and victim dissatisfaction led to a lowering of morale among investigating officers. We know from regular feedback sessions that our products are well received and officers value the service enhancements made as a direct result of our collaboration.

Customer Control

Promat lets you retain control in-house. Images are selected from your database and the system allows you to assemble a parade quickly in the presence of a suspects legal representative. Systems supplied by our competitors do not afford the same level and control and have many inherent disadvantages –

  • You are obliged to relinquish your own in-house capabilities and place them entirely in the hands of a supplier.
  • Once an organisation outsources its entire capability, it becomes dependant. Suppliers may increase the cost of their service exponentially, safe in the knowledge that switching costs could be punitive.
  • Outsourcing capability is equivalent to outsourcing control. A supplier can dictate when the service is delivered, where and at what cost.

In the case of our product, all of those disadvantages are precluded, and you decide upon the service level agreement. It just typical of Promat to ensure that the needs of its customers come first?

What are the direct Costs

Unlike our competitors there is no cost per procedure with Promat, you can do as many procedures as you like, when you like. Our business model works on a per seat license which helps keep your costs both controllable and consistent year on year.

At Promat we price all our products with regard to three criteria

  • We deliver a quality system, meeting stringent benchmark standards.
  • Our world class customer support centre is staffed by experts who can rectify any faults within one hour.
  • Customer organisations retain core capabilities. We do what we do best, and you do what you do best. Our flexible business model ensures a balance between fixed and variable costs, so you can budget year on year without fear of unforeseen price hikes.

What are the opportunity costs.

Unlike some of our competitors, we are happy to acknowledge all of the costs associated with our system. Customers choose Promat because of the control it invests in them.

Investigation and detection is a core operational priority and identification is a key constituent part of that investigation process. Therefore, the trade-off between quality, control and additional opportunity cost is one that they are willing to accept.

How does the Promat Experience represent best value?

Because of our close relationship with our customers we are sensitive to the need for policing services to meet the value-for-money framework of ECONOMY, EFFICIENCY and EFFECTIVENESS. At Promat we talk about the five E’s, adding EXPERTISE and EXCELLENCE.

  • ECONOMY – The Promat experience eradicates the need to pay volunteers. It may be taken to the suspect (removing transport and guarding costs) and parades take place on the first occasion. Our system, on a direct price comparison with competitors represents a substantial saving to the customer.
  • EFFICIENCY – The built in efficiency of Promat has reduced the number of sub-process links, requiring less resources than conventional parades, saving officer time and ensuring that the procedure does not require repetition. The division of tasks between us and the customer creates a one-stop shop system and keeps complexity to a minimum.
  • EFFECTIVENESS – Promat delivers its intended outcome on almost every occasion. Because our method of operation is so effective, victims and witnesses perceive it as a much more professional and satisfactory service than that experienced with any previous product.
  • EXCELLENCE – In our opinion Promat is simply the most successful live video identification system in the world. None of our competitors can match our track record of quality – which often exceeds customers’ expectations at no extra cost.
  • EXPERTISE – All our staff are experts in their field – a winning combination of teamwork and knowledge.
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