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SAME DAY digital imaging for non-standard

Promat can deliver your non-standard parades including masking, pixilation and feature removal / replication.

If you find that there are parade requirements that are above your department’s internal skill level then you can fall back on PROMAT to provide a solution for you. We give you the capability to do this yourself and offer extensive training courses on achieving these results; however; very occasionally you may need to do an exceptional parade that requires a standard of digital imaging work that is beyond your internal capabilities, hence the PROMAT Bureaux service.

We have built a team of highly skilled professionals capable of managing any requirement you might give us. Our experts have over 30 years of experience in digital photographic applications and are waiting for you to challenge them.

The use of video and still image feature replication or pixilation is supported by PACE and the Lord Advocates Guidelines and is an essential part of the service you need to supply to your customers. At PROMAT we understand this and will work tirelessly with you to achieve this. Circumstances where this might happen are:

  • Pixilation of motion video.
  • Creation of a still parade from custody images.
  • Replication of a feature across multiple stills.


  • Blemish removal
  • Masking of a tattoo or scar using a mosaic in motion video
  • Replication of a tattoo or scar across multiple volunteers
  • Replication of freckles across volunteers
  • Replication of hair styles across volunteers
  • Replication of beards across volunteers
  • Replication of moustaches across volunteers
  • Jewellery replication across volunteers
  • Converting Promat volunteers to look like custody images
  • Replication of glasses across the volunteers
  • Hair Removal for the volunteers
  • Remove any clothing from appearing on any of the videos
  • Skin tone blending for a still image parade
  • Image degradation/enhancement to bring the suspect & volunteer image standards to the same level

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