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NVID – National Video Identification Database

Due to the collapse of the Managed NVID database in mid-2009 we have decided to take management of the national video identification database on ourselves at a fraction of the cost given by the previous supplier. This database currently can only be used in Promat systems and is owned wholly by the contributing forces. This database has been approved for use in ID procedures by the NPIA and we an have an official NPIA approved RMADS agreement in place with all our customers.

Our Pledge

  • We employ dedicated staff to constantly manage the database on your behalf.
  • We ensure the database management and distribution complies with at least GPMS, INFOSEC, ISO 17799. In some cases, our standards will exceed those requirements.
  • Clip refreshment will be rigorously managed including the national deletion of clips if a court ruling or general legislation demands it.
  • We will guarantee clip quality by removing all sub-standard images and update any poorly described meta data.
  • We will initiate an audit trail to ensure that the origins of every clip can be sourced.
  • We will ensure a single master database housed at an NPIA approved secure location.
  • All duplicates will be removed using facial biometrics techniques in the current database and moving forward for any new additions.
  • Together with partners, we will work towards a database capable of being remotely distributed; precluding the need for customers to distribute disks themselves.
  • Our aim is to create a useable database of around 60,000 video clips for everyday use in the system while we retain a pool database of over 200,000 video clips which can instantly be called upon if a shortfall is identified. We are targeting the 60,000 strong database to be ready by early 2015, currently we are at 40,000 and counting.
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