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Chairman: Paul Hayes
Identification Officer for the South Wales Police Force.

NPUG or National Promat User Group is made up of individual force department heads who meet bi-annually to discuss identification matters and make decisions on national police strategy moving forward. This forum gives a voice to the end users and allows them to be heard at a national level. A Promat representative is always available for these meetings as this gives us, the supplier, the following helpful information:

  • What you want.
  • How we are delivering what you want.
  • How it is making a difference operationally.
  • How we can improve or enhance our products and services to you.

This forum covers all areas of identification, it is not meant for the Promat system alone. A large portion of the meeting allows individual organisations to speak to the group about any matters that have arisen and to use the group as a sounding board before proceeding down a certain path for individual procedures.

A collaboration of forces is achieved here which is rare among many other departments of the police force and its success is down to the continued support of its members who see this as a valuable platform to discuss identification matters.

We have a private members only forum available for use by Identification officers where you will find the minutes for the meetings and any white papers that have been brought forward at the meetings.

Additionally the forum allows you to upload your own content and thoughts either through a forum post or a blog; this allows you to open rhetoric on the issue you have brought forward to the group.

All applicants to the forum are first vetted by ourselves to ensure that only relevant people make use of the forum. If you would like to know more information about the forum or you wish to apply for access then please click here.

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