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Digital Image Capture Booth

Setting a Nationwide standard in digital image capture for identification and verification.

Image of a capture booth

The Digital Image Booth offers an ideal solution for anyone who requires consistent high-quality digital images for identification purposes

The Digital Image Booth is a compact, self-contained unit with a footprint of only 138cm x 72cm (54” x 28”). To minimise any possible damage, the tough metal shell has a smooth surface with all key equipment held within sealed units. Image capture and quality checks are operated remotely, either at a workstation outside the booth or in an adjacent area.

In the Digital Image Booth user error is virtually eliminated, allowing you to capture consistently high-quality digital images (facial, scar, mark and tattoo).

Each facial image can be measured for compliance with the required standard including:

  • UK Facial Images National Database (FIND)
  • Your Internal Custody Software
  • ISO 19794-5 for electronic documents such as e-passports and driver licenses
  • ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation)

Each booth is fitted with a high quality digital camera with video feed. The camera is pre-set to ensure all images are in focus and correctly exposed and the booth meets all scene requirements in terms of correct pose, uniform lighting and background. Some of the main features of the booth are listed below:

  • It measures facial images for compliance to your required standard
  • displays parameter values for facial quality attributes including illumination, pose, occlusion (for glasses deflection / specular reflection) focus, pose and overall compliance.
  • Automatically detects eye centres as well as auto-rotating and auto-cropping the source image to create the required Token Image (eg ISO, FIND or other standard).
  • Provides single or batch processing for generation of Token Images to a target directory.
  • Fitted USB2 socket allows hook-up to existing computer systems.
  • Booth will fit through any standard-size doorway (length 138cm/54” x width 72cm/28” x height 208cm/82”).
  • Robust steel construction with smooth interior to minimise accidental / wilful damage.
  • Internal floor is easy-clean, non-slip PVC.
  • Open doorway to booth avoids any concerns about claustrophobia.
  • Easy access to capture equipment via hinged panel in door.

The booth adheres to the following standards:

  • CE Marking Directive (93/68/EEC)
  • Low Voltage Directive (73/23/EEC)
  • BS.EN 60598 – 1
  • BS.EN 60598 – 2.4

Supply of each Digital Identification Booth includes full installation, set-up, training and 12 month on-site warranty. Expendable items such as lamps and fuses are not warranted.

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