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MAPS - Multiple Album Profiling System

The Multiple Witness Album Profiling System is a system designed to allow you to create photo mugshot albums of potential suspects of a crime using the witness’s description. An album of potential suspects can be built very quickly either back at base or at the scene using smart phone technology such as Android / IPhone or PDA devices.

Simply enter the search criteria into the system and an album of potential suspects will be produced in a variety of media from a CD disk, DVD Disk, Pen Drive or Paper based printout. These albums are fully customisable allowing you to control the maximum and minimum number of images for the album, right down to the size of each image and the number of images per page.

Benefits include:

  • Integration with existing custody system databases
  • A manual data and image entry facility if required
  • Customisation to meet your force’s requirements precisely
  • Minimises double keying of descriptive fields
  • High-security password protection and active directory login
  • Audit trail for both fixed and mobile systems
  • Import and export of data and images to other systems or forces for sharing data
  • Biometric search facilities available
  • Ability to link to a national system FIND (Facial Image National Database)
  • Simple, easy to use web-based menu structure with minimal training requirements
  • Settings for number of images per page
  • Facility to blow up any selected image for better viewing
  • Selected images can be forced onto the first page
  • May be linked with composite systems, such as E-FIT
  • The database may also be used to store scars, tattoos or distinguishing marks, etc
  • Comprehensive search wizard to maximise search criteria and efficiency
  • A variety of mobile viewing solutions
  • Integration into the digital image booth for controlled image capture

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