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Promat Video Identification Software

Time issues, budget worries, overworked officers, stressed out witnesses, nervous victims, volunteers that don't show is at hand. The traditional criminal ID parade system can sometimes take weeks or even months to organise, by which time the memory or recall of the witness may become affected. To help the witness identify the suspect with a greater success rate we need to decrease the time between the parade viewing and the crime itself in order to help ascertain the correct identity of the perpetrator.

With the Promat ID system, the police force can now offer a quick, efficient service with live video ID parades conveniently taking place soon after an incident occurs and while the crime is still fresh in the witness's memory.

The state of the art PROMAT identification System is an advanced "live" video profile matching system that can easily hold an extensive and diverse database and compare suspect details with similar images to produce a "live" video ID parade in a matter of minutes.

  • Specially designed for police investigations
  • Low installation costs
  • Low operating costs
  • Covert ID parades can also be prepared from video footage or from custody images
  • High definition images
  • Parades take place when and where you want them with no need for prisoner or witness transport
  • Very fast turnaround (15 minutes, typically, to conduct a parade)
  • Complete integrity of the system, meaning less evidential challenge
  • Total efficiency - no cancelled parades
  • Enhanced officer and victim satisfaction
  • Extreme cost efficiency
  • Expert back up and problem solving technical support team
  • Can operate at a fixed or mobile location
  • Significant cost savings in officer time
  • Automatic database cleansing and update
  • Secure in house central server to store the database
  • Data encryption used for any external data transfer (FIPS Approved Algorithms)

The Promat system was first developed in 1997 for Greater Manchester Police and has evolved over the last 12 years, resulting in Promat systems running all over the world. The Promat brand has been built around our core values of integrity, security, legality and valuing all our stakeholders. We convene regular planning and feedback sessions with customers through the NPUG (National Promat User Group) which we hold bi-annually

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