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Promat Video Capture Software

The Vidcap product is a single click video capture interface that takes a raw video file from either memory card, live video capture or any other digital media and converts it to a more manageable size for storage in a national database. High Definition Still images can be taken from the capture process which are suitable for custody images at the same time as the video capture while automatic video archiving means you need never lose your work again.

Vidcap has been written around the need to capture consistent good high definition video footage of suspects as they come into custody for use in a video ID parade but can be put to many other uses where video quality is a key concern.

We have integrated this software into the Digital Image Booth to create a one stop solution for processing criminal suspects which makes capturing the video, still image and various other requirements as easy as using a passport photo booth.

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A FREE copy of this application ships with every Digital Image Booth and with every Promat license you purchase.

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Demonstration Video Capture

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