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Promat Video Masking/Pixilation Software

Pixilation of motion video made simple

Sometimes in order to produce a fair identification parade it sometimes becomes necessary to mask or pixilate a feature on the suspects face and then to replicate this across all the volunteer videos otherwise the witness could make a positive identification based solely on this feature being visible on the suspect.

The Promat masking software evolved from this requirement and allows identification officers to easily mask out certain features of the suspect and all the volunteers. Features such as a tattoos, scars or some blemishes of the skin can easily be masked in a cost effective manner that enables you, the customer, to keep the skills in house and not rely on outsourcing which can be both expensive and take longer to produce.

This prompted us to write this package which we have called Promat Mask It Pro. Essentially this application takes a video clip and allows a user to add up to 8 pixilation/mask areas onto the video with each pixilation/mask area tracking facial movement in an easy and extremely quick to produce way. A good example of this that we have all seen is on the news as you regularly see license plates of moving vehicles pixilated so they cannot be read by the public. The system will allow you to blur, pixilate or just block colour cover any area of the video clip you like.

Over a sustained period we have expanded this product to allow for video cropping, resizing and slow motion all with a simple to use interface which is a key concern in our development process.

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