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Initial Promat training is FREE and comes inclusive as part of the installation package

These additional training courses are meant for more advanced video identification parade techniques and to accommodate new users to the system.

We have a very comprehensive list of training courses that can be customised entirely to your needs. These additional training courses can be held either at a location of your choosing or using our training room setup here in Lancashire. All of the following courses are certified. We recommend that no more than 6 delegates are trained at any one time by a single trainer; this ensures that we can maintain our quality standards.

You can tailor your training in the following manner.

  • Train all the staff over a set number of days.
  • Train the trainer. This allows you to propagate your entire staff training to suit your own needs and timescales.

The training courses are all conducted by our support company Evolve Software Click to visit Evolve Software

The training courses come in many flavours. Please remember that a training course can be built to suit your needs precisely, these are a sample of our more popular courses.

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Bureaux Services for specialist parades including replication, pixelation and covert / custody imaging

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Take a look at a Live Video Identification Parade as seen by a witness

Promat Refresher Course 1 day.

This course covers the basic training required to operate the Promat system to a certified level. This course is best suited for new users to the Promat system.

This course covers the following content.

Training Package 1
  • Video Capture and compression.
  • Taking a quality still image from a video clip.
  • Creating your first Video ID Parade.
  • Exporting your parade to digital media.
  • Managing the Database of volunteers.
  • How to conduct a parade viewing.

For more information about this course please click here

Promat Advanced training course 1 or 2 days.

This advanced course is taken in 3 parts with each part being ranked by yourselves in order of importance. This information will then be used to decide the proportion of time allocated to each of the 3 parts.

Training Package 2
  • Motion Video masking and pixilation techniques and integration into Promat. (See course details for Promat Masking and Pixilation Techniques 1 day)
  • Basic Still Parade creation using external image editor software to create replication or removal of unwanted features.
  • Advanced Promat techniques covering the advanced features of Promat which the basic course does not cover.

For more information about this course please click here

Promat Masking and Pixilation Techniques 1 day.

Masking and Pixilation allows your users to remove features from a suspect that are unrepeatable across your volunteers. For instance a scar on the left cheek would be pixilated or masked and then subsequently the same area will be pixilated or masked on every volunteer. This ensures a fair parade for both the suspect and the witness.

This course allows your staff to easily mask/pixilate their own video selection for a parade. After completing this course a single average mask or pixilation should only take about 3-5 minutes per clip with a total parade creation time of less than 1 hour.

Training Package 3
  • Using layers to make multiple masks
  • Using block colour to mask
  • Using pixilation to mask
  • Using transparent Layers
  • Mask tracking
  • Video Cropping
  • Video Slow Motion
  • Automated mask rotation
  • Mask object repository
  • Integration into Promat

For more information about this course please click here

Promat Still and Covert Parade Creation 1 day.

This course will focus on the following areas:

Training Package 4
  • Using External software we can show you how to bring custody images into Promat and create a set of like volunteer images. These techniques include image resizing, background colour replacement, skin tone blending etc.
  • How to manipulate images so that features can be removed such as glasses.
  • Replication of features such as a tattoo or a scar across all the volunteer images.
  • Bringing manipulated images into Promat and categorizing them properly.

For more information about this course please click here

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